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Acne, being indicative of a skin-microbiome dysbiosis, is one of the most prevalent diseases worldwide, affecting almost 10% of the global population. This disease is mainly caused by porphyrins, which are bacterial excretions that become lodged and lead to development of acne.

Nu Acne Probiotics is an innovative cream formulation containing tyndallized 

probiotic strain Lactobacillus

plantarum Nu-06 to promote skin

health and reduce acne.

L. plantarum Nu-06 acts as an immunomodulating agent (regulates cytokine/IL secretion), improving barrier function and has an antimicrobial activity.

L. plantarum Nu-06 promotes the growth of healthy skin microbes such as S. epidermidis and inhibits the growth of other pathogenic microbial populations related to acne, like S. aureus and P. acnes


Nu Acne Probiotics is a safe and effective product in the promotion of skin health and prevention of acne, as it presents no adverse effects, increases skin hydration, and reduces porphyrin levels related to acne in one month treatment.

nuProbi acne bl.png
Ancla acne

Skin is the largest organ of the body,

and the first physical barrier against pathogens and other hazards which

could pose a threat to health.

Nu Beauty Probiotics is an innovative creamformulation containing tyndallized 

probiotic strain Lactobacillus plantarum Nu-06 to promote skin health and prevent skin diseases such as eczema or atopic dermatitis. L. plantarum Nu-06 main effects are antimicrobial activity, mmunomodulation (regulates cytokine/IL secretion), and improve barrier function.

Nu Beauty Probiotics is a safe and 

effective product in the promotion of skin health. It presents no adverse effects, 

increases skin hydration, reduces wrinkle formation and UV spots in only one month.

nuProbi beauty bl.png
Ancla beauty

The vaginal microbiota is mainly composed by Lactobacillus species, who play a critical role in defending against potential infections through the modulation of immunity and regulation of pH.

This microbiome may be affected by hormonal changes, a depressed immune system or pharmacological treatments, which may all lead to dysbiosis and development of infections, implying frequent medical visits. The main symptoms are itching, redness, abnormal vaginal discharge, abnormal odors and discomfort.

Nu Woman Probiotics is an innovative probiotic formulation consisting of an intimate gel, oriented to the relief of itchiness, redness and vaginal dryness thanks to its hydrating and soothing effect.

It is composed by a specifically designed LAB mixture:

  • Lactobacillus paracasei Nu-02

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus Nu-03

  • Lactobacullus rhamnosus Nu-04

  • Lactobacillus plantarum Nu-06

  • Lactobacillus paracasei Nu-09


Nu Woman Probiotics has demonstrated to have a significant efficacy at relieving the vaginal itching, stinging and dryness related to vaginal dysbiosis, with no adverse effects. It constitutes an effective co-adjuvant treatment for vaginal disorders caused by pathogenic infections, hormonal changes, disbalance vaginal microbiota, etc.

nuProbi woman bl.png
Ancla woman

Inflammation may lead to development

of diseases if uncontrolled or becomes chronic. ProCurMAX is an advanced formulation of CURSOL™ (bioavailable curcumin), olive fruit extract (maslinic acid) and the tyndallized probiotic strain Lactobacillus paracasei that aims to reduce inflammatory processes, as well as associated pain in muscular or joint problems.

  • CURSOL™: Anti-inflammatory activity.

  • Maslinic acid: Antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory activity.

  • L. paracasei: Antimicrobial activity, immunomodulation.


ProCurMAX promotes GI wellbeing and reduces pain effectively, thereby it improves the physical condition and

quality of life


ProCurMAX is an effective formulation for the treatment of joint and muscular inflammatory processes and associated pain relief. It has no registered adverse effects and has achieved an ample degree of customer satisfaction.

proCurMax bl.png
Ancla proCurMax

Obesity affects over 39% of the population worldwide, mostly due to lifestyle and dietary habits, highly increasing the risk

of developing obesity-associated disorders such as cardiovascular and respiratory disorders, diabetes mellitus, or liver disease among others.

Patented satiating gummies developed by Nutris are sugar free and aim to improve weight management in an easy and entertaining fashion. Its exclusive formulation, containing 500mg of glucomannan from Amorphophallus konjac

per gummy, promotes weight reduction

in a fast manner due to its satiating effects, improving health and quality of life.

Satiating gummies BL.png
Ancla Satiating

Beautyral is an innovative and exclusive functional gummy based on L. plantarum NuPro-06 tyndallized probiotic, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid, Selenium, and OleoActive MA and OleoActive HT olive extract standards will boost your skin health, beauty, and youth.

Developed by our team of experts, Beautyral's unique manufacturing process preserves and maximizes the benefits of the ingredients in each functional gummy.

The innovative and revolutionary ”functional gummies” have changed the concept of dietary supplements. Gummies have become healthy, nutritious, and functional. Gummies increase compliance and are an excellent alternative to capsules and pills.

Ancla Beautyral

Bacillus coagulans NU-10, the innovative probiotic strain for immune support with scientific evidence.

Bacillus coagulans NU-10, branded as ProbioDefend® is the first probiotic strain clinically tested and proven to promote immune response and immunomodulation activity. Has been clinically demonstrated through a randomized, double-blind study and compared with placebo its modulation activity on the immune system, when dosed at 50mg/serving.

sello probioNu.png
Ancla ProbioDefend

Bacillus coagulans NU-10, branded as ProbioMood® is the first probiotic strain clinically tested and proven for mood improvement and mental well-being.

ProbioMood® has been clinically demonstrated through a randomized, double-blind study and compared with placebo its modulation activity on mood and mental well-being, when dosed at 50mg/serving. Participants in the probiotic group showed improvement in all 8 health concepts of the survey. In concept "Mental Health", "Vitality" and "Physical function" the difference between changes in T90 and baseline in the participants of product group and placebo group showed significant differences. The results reinforce the validity of the brain-gut axis concept and warrant the influence of probiotics on psychological well-being.

sello probioNu.png
Ancla ProbioMood
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