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Hair gummies:

nailed it!

The main function of mammal hair is to protect and insulate, preventing body heat loss. Camouflage from predators or sexual attraction are also important hair functions in other mammals. In humans, hair has also been used in the past to denote specific cultures, religion, or even used as an indicator to denote social status. Hair has also been associated to strength and virility in men or beauty and youthfulness in women.

Keratin, is the main component of claws, feathers, hooves and horns, and is also one of the main components present in our skin, hair and nails. Keratin confers structural properties, as well as elasticity, strength and protection, but may become easily damaged by environmental factors such as UV rays or daily hair styling amongst others.

In addition, genetic factors, stress, diet and many other factors may potentially lead to hair loss which can lead to lowered self-esteem, highlighting the importance of nurturing a healthy hair.


Hair gummies consist of an extensively studied formulation containing a well-balanced mix of vitamins and minerals that synergistically promote growth of strong, shiny and healthy hair.

  • Vitamin A promotes sebum synthesis among others, keeping scalp moist and hair healthy.

  • Vitamin B group increase blood flow to scalp and nutrients to hair follicles enhancing production of strong and shiny hair.

  • Other Vitamin B group members such as biotin also play a crucial role in keratin production, stimulating hair growth and hair thickening.

  • Vitamin C promotes collagen synthesis, a structural protein essential for hair growth and hair strength. Also acts as a potent antioxidant preventing free-radical damage.

  • Vitamin D stimulates new hair follicles, reinforcing hair growth

  • Vitamin E acts as a potent antioxidant and conferring more elasticity to hair.

  • Minerals such as zinc could prevent hair loss and promote growth of hair follicles.

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