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Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) gummies:
Two a day, keeps the doctor away

ACV is produced from fermented juice obtained from crushed apples. Vinegar, and more particularly ACV has been used since ancient civilizations as a preservative, a condiment/ dressing for cooking, or even as a remedy to treat wounds, digestive problems and to boost stamina. It is thought that acetic acid, probiotics and antioxidants present in ACV are the responsible for promoting health benefits.

Even though more research should be performed to shed light, ACV has gained

even more attention in recent years due to its potential role in cardiovascular health,

immunity, weight loss, diabetes, and skin health.



  • Pectin derived from apple acts as fibre, serving as a prebiotic source                                     and promoting a healthy digestive system through the growth of gut commensals.

  • Gut microbiome is critical to support immune function therefore a healthy gut                              microbiome is a healthy immune system.

  • ACV confers increased insulin sensibility, reducing blood glucose levels                                          and playing a role in diabetes control and weight management.

  • ACV before meals confers satiety, reducing appetite and ultimately also aiding in weight control.

  • Acetic acid may act as antimicrobial and antifungal, whilst citric acid from apples may

      aid in reduction of wrinkles and spots, promoting skin health.


NUTRIS ACV gummies have been exclusively formulated with ginger, also serving as a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory source. In addition to the already mentioned benefits:

  • ACV in combination with ginger lowers LDL cholesterol and reduces cardiovascular risk.

  • Ginger reduces nausea and stimulates digestion.

  • Does not damage tooth enamel due to acidity, nor causes stomach discomfort.

  • Mother apple cider used, contains beneficial proteins, yeast and bacteria that promote a healthy gut microbiota

  • Improved compliance, sweet apple taste!

  • Natural flavour, no artificial colours or flavours added

  • Vegan and allergen free

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